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How to communicate via discord

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1. You first need to download Discord or use the web installer which runs from a browser, if you use the download install it..



2. If you do not already have an account you sign up for one after you install or through the browser..



3. Once you get your Account info you can get invites from other discord users. perhaps someone put up a publi invite in the forums or you have a friend that has a server and get an invite from them..



4. Don't for get to setup your soundcard and push to talk or voice activated in options setup..



5. Now once you have accomplished this all you should be able to join a channel go into a room and if someone is there you talk to them during gameplay..



6. If it is not working ingame after you confirmed everything is setup properly you may need to run discord as an admin to work if the program looses focus..



You could also just check you tube I am sure setup guides and such are a dime a dozen on youtube..










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