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[NO BUG]CCIP BFL Not Working with High Drag Bombs


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I have been working on low level bombing and have come across a problem with getting the snake eyes on target.


My Settings:

Mode: CCIP



Drag: RET


QTY: 10


INT: 320 ft


This should give me 1 bomb every 320' for 2880'. I am using the abandoned X airfield on the Caucasus map. I make my approach at 500' and 511kts. When the + of the BFL crosses the threshold of the runway, I pickle the bombs for 10 pulses. When I pull up and out to watch the bombs hit, five of the ten start to impact ~1440' before the threshold and the rest hit the remaining ~1440' after the threshold.



Is anyone else having this problem or I am doing something wrong?


ANON6-4 | Chamby


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The CCIP pipper denotes the center of a ripple, not the beginning. So what you're seeing is correct; if your pipper was on the runway threshold at the time of weapon release, half the bombs land before, and half the bombs land after that point.

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As mentioned above use the centre of your target as the release point you should get better results.


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Any ideas when this changed?


I recall it previously working like the OP described...pickling the weapon at the start of a line of vehicles or runway for example, rather than waiting until the + on the BFL is in the middle of the target objects.

After looking at a variety of YT video on this topic, it seems to confirm that it used to work differently before.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nineline

Thanks for the reply. I get this module is EA and that things must change over time to improve the accuracy etc. What I was trying to do (perhaps very badlysmile.gif), was confirm that this aspect actually had changed its operation...and when that change occurred.

Thanks again

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