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MFD Right big on screen


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Hi all,


I have this weird issue with DCS: as you can see in the picture, there's an overlay of the right hand MFD in the upper right that's shown in quite irritating big green stuff.


Also, there's this extra display in the right lower corner. I think they are leftovers from some iPad apps I have tried.


But the apps weren't that good. I have tried to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. Not even installing the apps and removing all those little screens.


Any advice on how to remove this is welcome.


kind regards,


Herr Fledermaus


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Try repair and cleanup, if this not work try wait for developer or delete dcs and install it again hope that helps.


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is the image upside down in dcs as well ? :huh:


from my point of view you seem to have exported the (dunno the expression) display on the lower right console.

could you put up the screen config file here?

maybe you just need to adapt some coordinates ;)


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