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Harrier Problems!


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Hello everyone!



So..... MY problem is , when im doing the new training missions with the harrier, certain things dont work. The instructor will tell me to do things and what to expect, and sometimes the plane doesnt do what it should.




INS target designation

I press the TDC button, to create a diamond

Instructor says i can move that diamond around..... but i cannot

However if im controlling the DMT TV, i can move the square around no problem. Just not in INS



When the instructor is telling me about the mavericks camera, he tells me to hit the "WIDE" button, to see its different zoom levels. Well , the screen will turn bright yellow and flash sporadically bright and normal, bright and normal, really fast. Hitting "WIDE" again, will NOT fix the problem.



Then i also have a friend... and HIS DCS WORLD will crash to desktop when selecting any harrier training mission. he reports of some message saying "pooled tasks".


Any hints would be appreciated

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