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X 52 problem or me


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I have had the x 52 for many year's but today I got stumped by something I had not noticed before. When pushing on hat switch on the joystick the keypress is up and pulling is down, but the throttle hat switch work's just as I think it should. Push down pull up. In the software the joystick is push up pull down.


Is this what other's are seeing?

Intel core I9 10900K 3.7 ghz

Asrock Z490 Extreme4

G-SKill Ripjaws V 32GB

Cooler Master 120m

GTX 980 Superclocked

Corsair AX850w psu

Samsung 1 T M.2 2 X 850 ssd's

Sony 48 in HD TV

Trackir 5

Hotas Warthog F/A-18C Hornet Grip

Logitech Pro Peddles

Windows 10 64

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