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CCIP BFL Not Working with High Drag Bombs


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I have been working on low level bombing and have come across a problem with getting the snake eyes on target.


My Settings:

Mode: CCIP



Drag: RET


QTY: 10


INT: 320 ft


This should give me 1 bomb every 320' for 3200'. I am using the abandoned X airfield on the Caucasus map. I make my approach at 500' and 500kts. When the + of the BFL crosses the threshold of the runway, I pickle the bombs for 10 pulses. When I pull up and out to watch the bombs hit, five of the ten start to impact 1600' before the threshold and the rest hit the remaining 1600' after the threshold.



Is anyone else having this problem or I am doing something wrong?


ANON6-4 | Chamby

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And yes, pipper marks the center of your selected ripple.


Thanks for the response Svend but page 136 contradicts what you are saying. The bombs should impact where the pipper pulses not the center of all ten. This seems to be a new thing as the bombs did not drop this way a few months ago when I was dropping them in BUDDY SPIKE.


Even when you look at the YT vids from a few months ago, the bombs ripple and impact where the pipper pulses.


Just want to know if others are seeing this before I put it under bug report.

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