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Working on a new A10C Helios profile

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Hello all !

Just for your information, i am working on a brand new A10C Helios profile!.


For several years the CapLoz profile was a standard on the dcs simmers but several changes on the A10C code make some of his systems stop working, like the radios, tacan etc.

I made some changes on my exports, long time ago trying to fix the issues, but i think is time to make a revisit to the A10C, and create a new updated and full working profile, he deserves it!


I am updating aswell the Helios interface for the A10C so the old problems are fixed on Helios too.

The art and programming work is very advanced right now, i hope to finish the profile in a week or two, but i am going to publish it with a new version of Helios, with all the changes and new crontrols i am adding on it.


Well... now some fun... here you got some actual screenshots of the new profile, working on my computer....





main panel



Right panel A, with the new CDU exported viewport



Of course, if you got problems with vision (like me) you can use the big CDU panel, too.



Yes! TACAN working perfect !



And the radios too !



well, hope you like it !





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Awhhh again? Thx so much when I get tired of the F14 I'll be hopping back into the A10C with this baby for sure!


...so I can ditch Ikarus now, great :smilewink:



i5-6600K OC@4.5Ghz, GTX 1070 OC, 32Gb RAM, M.2 NVMe SSD

Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Rudder Pro, Trackhat Clip, 1080p projector, Custom touchscreen rig, Ikarus touchscreen panel, Voice Attack, ReShade, Simshaker Aviator

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That's great news Capt Zen, I am going to be using two 8" Lilliput Touchscreens, assume I can make that work for MFD extract? Look forward to a new version of Helios!

Aerocool Mid-tower, Gigabyte Z390 Master MB, EVGA 1000w PS / Intel i9-9900K @4.7Gz - Nfortec Hydrus V2 Liquid CPU cooler - Noctua NT-H2 Themal paste

32GB Kingston HyperX DDR4 3200mhz / 1TB M.2 Crucial Boot Drive (DCS World Beta installed here), 1TB M.2 Data drive, 1TB WD SATA drive

Gigabyte RTX 2080 w/ 8GB - Nvidia 461.40 drivers / LG 32GK850G-B 32" 2560x1440 G-Sync at 144Hz / Win10 Pro Ver. 20H2 - Build 19042.746

TIR 5, CH Fighterstick / Pro Throttle HOTAS w/ MTWSims Sensors and Mainboards - TM MFDs / ICP by Sebastian

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Nice work! I especially like the bigger CDU as I too have horrible eye sight and need things bigger these days. So I can assume the Loz A-10c profile I just download isn't going to be too useful any longer. So I will wait until yours is complete. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

MB: B450M Pro4

RAM: 16Gb DDR4

SSD: 500GB


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