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DCS-BIOS connection problem


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I plan to build my first DCS-BIOS panel and I plan to test DCS-BIOS without Adruino board.

But I have connectivity problems.


I have downloaded DCS_BIOS from the flowing link:



Here you are my next steps:

1. Downloaded file has been extracted to my D: drive - D:\DCS-BIOS-0.7.30c

2. "DCS-BIOS" catalog and export.lua file have been copied to C:\Users\....\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts

3. I have added Chrome extension using a developer mode. I have pointed the following catalog: ~\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\doc

4. I have run DCS.

5. Go to a cockpit.

6. Run DCS-BIOS Control Reference Live Preview 0.1.1 as the Chrome extension.


As the results I see the DCS-BIOS Control Reference Live Preview window, I can change the views, but I don't see and data change inside this tool. It looks like there is no communication with DCS-BIOS.


Could anyone help please?

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