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F/A-18 JHMCS Display and HP Reverb


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Good morning folks. I have a Rift S and recently got a 2nd release Reverb. I've noticed some odd behavior that only seems to affect the Reverb.


If I have the JHMCS set to right eye only in options, some items do not get rendered at all. I it's set to both eyes some items, like the center cross, get rendered in one eye only and things like half of some numbers are rendered in one eye and the other half in the other. Some parts of some numbers still don't get rendered at all as if the LED segments were turned off on old display.


The Rift S does not exhibit this issue and the JHMCS is fully displayed in both eyes without any changes to settings between the two.


Does anyone else see this? Any ideas?




*EDIT* I resolved this issue. A mod that adjusted the thickness and fuzziness of the Hornet's displays was the cause. While it worked fine as it was in the Rift it didn't in the Reverb. Adjusted some of the values and it works correctly now in the Reverb. I should have tested that first.

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