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Half thought: failure point wings or fuselage?


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Was listening to Kurt Schroeder's interview on Air Crew Interview (#26) and during the discussion on flight testing the F-14 he said some things that got me thinking: the key things were that during the high AoA testing, the aerodynamic load shifted from the wings to the fuselage due to the wings losing lift at high AoA and the lifting body effect. The second was that, due to the elevons handling both roll and pitch, if you did both at high G you could get yourself in trouble. Third, while in the F-14 losses, I didn't see many lost wings, I did see a noticeable number of them destroyed due to engine explosions.


All of this leads me to wonder if the point of most likely failure on the F-14 was actually the fuselage spine rather than the wing pivots? Investigating this would entail tracking down records of any F-14s that had mid-air structural failures or over-G events, or a combined lift profile analysis at high AoA/high G load to drive a finite element analysis of the structure under that force distribution.


Does the DCS engine even support lift migrationike that? I.e. from wings to body dependent on AoA?

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