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Issues with multiplayer


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I can run the game without problem in offline mode (solo), and I played multiplayer without problems during 1 month but now, when I manage to connect to a server, I get between 1 and 10 fps...


I did the clean & repair DCS procedures but didn't work...


Can you help me ?


NB : I did a DCS move from my HDD to my SSD recently ! But I did a clean install (Uninstalled the HDD DCS and re-installer brand new DCS on my SSD to avoid any problems)



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let us know your system specification, and attach your dcs.log after you experience the frame drop also a screenshot of your options in dcs, we maybe able to point out some tweaks.


It would be a good idea to ensure windows is up to date and you are using the latest GPU driver.


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same problem here

and i found the reason


my gpu didnt clock up



in singleplayer gpu boost to max clock after mission is loaded (2000+)


in multiplayer gpu chills at default clock (1365)


testet in vr and non vr (in nor vr gpu jumps around 1500)



gpu driver is up2date (436.15)






system is


amd 8320e @4ghz (clocked - no turbo etc)

rtx 2060

windows 10

16gig mem

ssd for system and game (same ssd)

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@Arianer . Did u checked during your Multiplayer session via Task Manager how much ure GPU or your CPU is in use?


When the GPU chills in multiplayer maybe the CPU is fully loaded and the GPU has no reason to give power because the cpu isnt ready for that.

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Performance in MP is generally lower than in SP for various technical reasons.

How many FPS are you squeezing out in SP?

Also, the complexity and object count of any MP mission along with the number of connected clients can also affect a user's machine performance.


If your CPU bottlenecks your GPU in MP due to higher load due the above, it is "normal" to see the

GPU stay at low boost freq. First thing to do would be to check in the Windows Task Manager (or Resource Monitor) how much CPU/RAM/GPU/HDD is being used. Any of those might be bottlenecking for various reasons


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The only really thing which im seeing which isnt almost at its max is the RAM.


I also tried 3 days ago my Oculus Rift again to see how its working atm and i also had in the beginning in MP 20FPS . SP i didnt checked.


Then i went into Nvidia Inspector to set up a little bit. Everything which is there for running G-Sync or V-Sync i deactivated.


Then i used RivaTuner which u can easily install as i see that u run MSI Afterburner. The u need to set up your FPS Locked to 45 for VR.


Inside DCS how is your VR Settings set up ? I put the Pixel Density there to 0.5 and i adjusted it via the Oculus Tray Tool and put it into 1.4.


As well check your Power Settings of Windows ( Energieoption) these put as well into Highest Power ( Höchstleistung )


I think these steps could help u to get 40-45FPS. Not the ultimate performance but also not the worst. Quite Playable in my opinion.


If not please let me know. Or if u want to take a chat in german language which helps u maybe more then we can also do as i think youre german?

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thx repsol


and yeah im german :)

i use pimax and have dcs pd on 1 /pitool on 1.75 and steam on 20% i believe

this are settings 4 singleplayer and bring me 40-50 frames on my most played missions


over some hours i testest something and come to the reason that my cpu is just to old

best way to see his bottleneck is to check cpu frametime


and when this frametime reaches 40< the gpu is out

and the cpu useage is a bad indicator for cpu frametime

even with 60-70% cpuusage i have very bad cpuframetimes



so as a smallstepp i disabled the threaded cores on my cpu


and overclocked the 4 real cores to 4500mhz which brings a bit better performence

next step is a new cpu




so thx 4 your time



everyone who has problems in multiplayer shouldt check gpucoreclock and frametimes



see ya

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just some new screenshoots



first one is stock system - 0 oc

here you see that the system didnt boost (turbo)

but cpuframetime is bad and couldt need some boost (vr set to 64hz , just to understand the frametimes)




system is oc at 4x4400mhz (also gpu is oc)


low vr settings (pd1 , pimax 1 , steam 69%)




system as above


my playsettings (pd1 , pimax 1.75 , steam 22% )

there is no real different in performence but much better clarity in hmd




all screensoots are make in singeplayer on (stolen :music_whistling: )

Georgia Reign - Dynamic PVE WAR - v3.0.74

which gives are realy good nightvision btw



and coming after a time of pause



i know im a bit offtopic now

but i dont wana open a new thread



see ya




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Your CPU is at full tilt.


Best if you get a more modern CPU

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