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X52 to WarBrd and CM50


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I received my Virpil gear yesterday after waiting about 9 business days - to the east coast. Surprised at how quickly it came, especially considering it was Memorial Day weekend so very nice job there Virpil.


Package arrived in good condition. No tears or tatters and everything was packed extremely well.


It took me about 30 minutes to get the stick set up. I was able to flash the firmware and center the stick easily. From there, I worked on getting my mappings set up for the F18.


The one thing I was worried about when configuring the new set up was the X52 throttle's interaction with the CM50. I used shift states with the old X52 stick but was pleased to find that I could set up the CM50 in the same way.


The plan is to pick up a Virpil throttle once back in stock. PLEASE Virpil, make more!


The setup feels great in flight. I can compare it to the feel of flying a real T-34. (the only stick plane I've flown). The pressure feels right and I found it very accurate.


With the F18, the stick felt very nice in the hand. During formation flight, I found that light movements kept me in place. Very different from the X52 which would stick during light movements.


Overall, extremely happy with this setup and I'm looking forward to putting more hours on it.




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