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Mapping Switches on HOTAS Warthog Throttle in DCS


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Hi Folks,


I have a short question and hope that you can help me. How can I map the switches on the HOTAS Warthog Throttle in DCS correctly (i.e. not using Target)? So for example the EAC Switch or the RDR ALTM switch on the button left of the Throttle. Let me give you an example so you understand my issue:


I am currently playing the F-18 Module. On the EAC Switch I have mapped the Toggle Master Arm on/off. So in the Target Software I have no issue mapping this key, i.e. switch up = Master Arm on and switch down = Master Arm off.


But when I map this in DCS itself (i.e. not loading the TARGET Software) I can only map the switch up Button. If I would like to turn Master Arm off, I need to pull the switch down and up again.


So it should basically work because when I play the A-10C module the EAC Switch and the RDR ALTM swich work without using TARGET (i.e. Up = on, down = off).


Hope someone can help me.


And yes - I am familiar with TARGET Software and I use it a lot. But when I would like to fly another plan and exit DCS, load a new profile and start DCS again is a waste of time :):):)


Kind regards



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You need to search for functions called "Master Arm on, else off". (Not sure if it is available in the Hornet)

A lot of switches can be modifid by your own if they are missing this function. (e.g. ext light switch in the Harrier to use it with the Pinky, Flaps at the Mig21 to use it with the flaps toggle etc...)


However, this is an annoying DCS limitation (if Devs have not integrated it) and I hope that there will be a solution somewhere in the future.

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