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Dcs and nvidia profile inspector


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Hello fellow flight enthusiasts.



So, long time ago, I used to tweak graphic settings with nvidia profile inspector with great results, making it look better and seemingly, RUN better too!


I've tried it yesterday again after a looong time, and changes seem to have no effect :(


It seems that Dcs has become immune to the changes one makes?!

I asked on DCS´s Facebook page and they told me to write this here....


Is this new? is it a bug? is it a feature? is it a permanent change?


these are the settings that i tweak


"2-Sync and Refresh

Vertical-Sync = Force off



Mode = Override Any Application Setting

Setting = 16x [16x CSAA (4 color + 12 cv samples)]

Transparency MultiSampling = Enabled

Transparancy SuperSampling = 2x OR 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling

Toggle FXAA On or Off = On



Filtering-Mode = User-Defined/off

Filtering Setting 16x

Filtering Quality = High quality



Power Management Mode = Prefer Maximum Performance


As mentioned, DCS would look NICER (a LOT better antialiasing) and would also seemingly RUN better



thanks In advance for any answer

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If you want the best quality without the brutal decline in performance and blur.

Set the in game MSAA 4x and in the drivers for Nvidia, activate the MFAA.

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