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Sale: Flight Sim Gear (Joysticks, VR HMD, etc.)


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Hi all,


I'm selling off some gear I've accumulated over time, which I no longer have any use for. Price listed excludes shipping costs.



Realteus ForceFeel - Haptic gaming pad - $170

This is the Standard Edition of the Realteus ForceFeel gaming pad.





Pimax 5K Plus + Deluxe Audio Strap + 3D Printed DAS Adapter - $650

Self explanatory. This includes the DAS + 3D printed adapter, all put together.


Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus - $190

Includes controllers, everything that's included in the retail package.





Gunfighter Mk.II MCG ‘Modern Combat Edition’ PRO - $500

Includes Gunfighter Mk.II, MCG Pro (with large desktop plate), joystick extension. I only used this one a handful of times before I had to take apart my rig and move. I can include the Monstertech mounting plate for an extra 25.


Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick - $200

Includes the joystick only.


T.Flight Rudder Pedals - $60


MS FFB2 (1st Edition) - $65

This is the the first edition that was produced, includes all cables. See guide for differences between versions.


MS FFB2 (2nd Edition) - $65

This is the the second edition that was produced, pretty much the same as the first edition but with red buttons. See this guide for details. Does not include power cable, it's a standard, cheap power cord.




PM me if interested in any of the above.



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