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[track] A10A - war with SAM's +vulch


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online track from sunday (07.10.07) server RAF.

im on A10A take off from Mykop, go to Krasnodar on the way hiding from enemy fighter (just land on a road ;) and waiting for buddy to cover ;) ) , kill some tanks there, then go through Novorossijsk (one more time hiding on a road ;) ) to Anapa.

At Anapa i kill SAM's: 2x Buk, 2x Osa, 2x Strela and 2x Shilka.... :pilotfly::joystick:

And at he end have fun with vulch of 2 enemy Mig29 ;)



http://rapidshare.com/files/61002239/raf_vulch_07_10_07.rar - 6.77 Mb

and http://ifolder.ru/3640264


PS. it's an edited track. All external view's are open. If F2 view will be broken, just use «Edit track» from mission editor.


Дадим стране угля, - мелкого, но многа!

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