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Radio Transmission works only 3 times with the same trigger zone

Dropship Pilot

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Hi, everyone!


I'm using DCS stable version and the Huey. For my Huey missions I'd like to play some random background music. So I was experimenting with the Radio Transmission function and found the following behaviour:


1. Start radio transmission for tigger zone A

2. Stop radio transmission after 9 sec (short length for test)

3. Start radio transmission for tigger zone A 1 sec later

4. Stop radio transmission after 9 sec


This works 3 times for trigger zone A.


In the 4th cycled no more sound is played!

If I then use a differend trigger zone B, the sound is played again.

See the attached RadioTestB3.miz


Things become even more interesting if I cut the sound file down to 20sec. Thus it is still longer than the 9 seconds play time, but now I can repeat it 5 times (maybe more) without problem. See RadioTestB4.miz


Can anyone please explain what's going on? Is there a way to make this work consistenly?






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