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906th vFighter Squadron now opening recruiting.


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After almost a year the Gorgas Airforce (906th vTFG) has opened its doors to new recruits.


We are looking for the following!


Airboss/Tower/AWACS controller

Army Commanders (hey, some people play WoT so we can dream)

F-14B pilots and Rios

F/A-18C pilots

F-16C pilots

Mig-29S (Reserve Pilots)


This list is not exclusive. We also have additional duties (we are not that big of a unit to have more than three flights of 4, and even most of those are hurting for pilots).


Aggressiors in M-2000C

Attack / Recon pilots flying AJS-37


We are open to other airframes (Harrier, A-10C, etc.) but right now we don’t have enough pilots for them on a full-time basis.


Why pick us?


1. We have a running storyline for our unit and a dynamic campaign that encompasses mainly DCS but also ARMA3.


2. Our storyline is straight from DOD training scenarios that are used not only for the Army but also for the Marines and Air Force.


3. We have a robust and tested training pipeline straight from the US Air Force. Though we chose to modify the curriculum a little because of


A. This is a hobby and not a military position. If you know a way to fly DCS and train all day and still get paid then PLEASE tell me.

B. We don’t have access to the standard vehicles used for most of the pipeline.

C. We didn’t like the idea of telling people that they HAVE to buy a plane or they can’t sit with us.


4. We do military simulation next to none, but we don’t go overboard. As we said, we understand this is a hobby. While we do list ranks on our website, they are just a signal of flight hour levels. We goof off, but when it counts, we are professionals.


5. We are friends first.

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