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Zoom view axis command resets my view


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Hello All,


I have checked countless threads on the forum but I cannot seem to find a solution to my exact problem. Most of the problems described are for the TM Warthog slider.


I have a TM16K throttle with a paddle that I have mapped the the zoom axis command. I set my view using enter on the number pad and saving it with RAlt + Num 0.


When I zoom in or out the view defaults to the very close view in the Hornet where you can barely see the mirrors. I use TrackIR and I have tried tweaking the setting with/without TrackIR and saved snapped views but I cannot correct the center of the zoom axis.


All I want is to be able to zoom in and out and get back to that default num pad enter view. I apologize in advance if I posted this to the wrong thread/forum it's my first post.


I hope I made sense here, please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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