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Curves, Ffb and Extension Combinations


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Hi fellow Spit lovers,

After a bit of help if I may.


I’m now running an excellent spadegrip per the video below, with an extension and also the resistor mod on the sidewinder ffb.



I ran a curve of 15 before but my trim was all out and was starting to annoy me as it’s bad enough already trying to catch the 109’s and 190’s without the spit being trimmed incorrectly (Any further tips catching them are welcome!)


I’ve got rid of the curve but keep ripping my wings off


Is it just a matter of getting used to it without the curve or has anyone got any other tips?




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Try lowering the Y saturation on the pitch axis, while keeping zero curve.

You can go pretty low in saturation, less with an extension, though, but if you find yourself still outstressing your wings, it's worth trying it.

If I'm not mistaken, on my Virpil w/ 7.5cm extension, I've gone for 70 Y Saturation (not X!!! only saturation on Y) on pitch axis. This keeps wings safe while really not interfering with low speed pitch rate.


Philstyle has a good video about this on YT.

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If the Sidewinder uses potentiometers, I'd definitely recommend that sat y be lowered. But if you've got a lot of throw to the stick, and it uses HALL effect sensors, I don't think any adjustment to the controls period would be necessary, and it'd just be a matter of adjusting yourself to the plane.

One can fly the Spitfire with no curves or sat y decrease with the T-16000 easily. I can only imagine how much easier it would be with an extended stick!


As an example, if you're pulling back on the stick pretty hard, but if you make small adjustments at high speed turns, your wings rip off or the turn changes dramatically (indicated by the G-forces moving the camera suddenly), then it is best you either decrease sat Y, or you decrease the curves you had before.

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