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Common MFCD Size for Harrier & F-18


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Guys. Hi...


I'm bringing up my 2-monitor setup back to use Thrustmaster's MFDs.

I use a second monitor for them. They're stuck on 2nd monitor.


And I adjusted LEFT & RIGHT_MFCD x, y, width and height values for F/A-18C and, in-game, MFCDs are being displayed perfectly on my second monitor, but!!!


When I change slot and sit in AV8 Harrier, I see that Harrier's MFCD sizes are slightly different and they won't fit perfectly in my T.M. MFD square. Is there another name for Harrier's MFCDs or it uses same viewport name? For example Ka-50 uses ABRIS and SHKVAL viewport names etc.


or... How do you use two different aircrafts' MFCDs at the same time in the same size?


...(sorry for my English, I hope I could tell my problem)...







Ok. Well...


I changed those lines in MPCD_init.lua file and I think I get something but probably I will fail to pass I.C. :\


if monitorpos == 'R' then

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