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[INVESTIGATING]Early GBU12 release in auto mode


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Bug is random but happen often since the release of the TGP to Hornet.

You must spend at least one full A-G loadout then rearm to GBU-12s.

Once happen after a full GBU-12 loadout, but every other occurences happen after a full AGM-154C loadout.

When happening happening in this way:

Auto release mode count down to release moment,

then before it reaches 0 you push and hold weapon release,

weapon release immediately before 0,

possible to make more releases before 0,

there is no TTI in this case


I attached singleplayer and multiplayer tracks.

The singleplayer track is a take control one, on the runway after rearm to GBU-12s plane move a bit, that is the time to take control.

Track recorded with earlier build but replayable with

(JSOW targets: 4x kub str, LGB target: civil building)



video for civil building SP track:



Multiplayer latest occurence:


(BATTLEFIELD-20190828-181933_Early_first_GBU12release_2.5.5.34864(no TTI).trk)



From this one no video recorded, I was unaware:




(Sorry for first reporting this with other bug happen in the same time, but that video was better in one piece than cut to two pieces. Not hit with TTI and without it. First video here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=247865)

GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR3, W8.1 on SSD, DCS on another SSD

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