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Black Shark 1 dvd version install


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Hi! I bought a boxed copy of DCS Blackshark - i know its old and there is all the new stuff on dcs world now, but i like the old games




i noticed that this game is using starforce, so i would like to know if this will work on windows 10 - will the starforce install break my computer (like what happened years ago with starforce with American Conquest Divided Nation)



- i am just asking this first as i dont want to install the game and then have it ruin my computer




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As I recall Starforce doesn't work with Win10 at all?

Win-10 x64


Nvidia RTX2080 (HP Reverb)

Asus Prime X570P

AMD 3800x

32GB G-Skill RipJaw 3600


Saitek X-65F and Fanatec Club-Sport Pedals

Using VJoy and UCR to remap Throttle and Clutch into Rudder axis

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I have the digital copy of Ka-50 (the first one, aka Black Shark 1), and I installed it again in my Windows 10. AFAIK, it uses some kind of "soft starforce" (without drivers) to check for authenticity.

Although I was able to install it, I'm not able to start it (it just flashes and goes back to desktop).

Using Win10 1903 with latest nVidia drivers (440.97).

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Hi JJflyer, is your copy digital or DVD? Now I'm curious why it isn't running on my end, as I run DCS without problems.



DCS A10C / DCS Black Shark /DCS F-14/Persian Gulf map/ Nevada/huey/gazelle/f18/f16/ajs37/harrier/A-4

16gb 2400 RAM / Ryzen 5 3600 / ROG Strix RX 570 /750W thermaltake PSU



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