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Cyclic Ops: General Timeline?


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I'm working on a one-size-fits-all practice mission for CASE I and CASE III with the MOOSE and AIRBOSS stuff, and I'd like to set a 24hr cyclical op but I'm unsure of the scheduling of the recovery windows.


What I've gleaned from the P-816 manual so far, is that CASE III would be 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset, and a cycle is typically 90 minutes (but can change depending on needs). Launching of aircraft typically takes 15 minutes.


What I can't find, and would like to know, are the following:


1. What time (generally) is the first cycle of the day?

2. What time (generally) is the last cycle of the day?

3. How long (generally) is the downtime between each cycle?

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You might consider posing this question to the guys over at the Fighter Pilot Podcast. They are all retired Naval aviators and can probably give a good insight into ops cycles.




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