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Ground unit routing/updating causes stutter/non responsive.


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Believe this ones already known but it can also be the cause of a lot of hair pulling, if you change a ground units routing in mission either through Combined Arms or by Scripting etc you run the very real risk of causing DCS to "stutter" due to a Non-Responsive event (thread lock) while it calculates the new pathing for the unit.


When your in Single player this is just a minor annoyance i mean you might get the spinny wheel for a moment or two and then your good though even so it shouldn't be happening as it's a sign of a complete thread lock happening while the rest of DCS waits for the calculations to complete but when your in MULTIPLAYER it's a NIGHTMARE, because every one of those NR events isn't on the CLIENT it's on the actual SERVER, and that means, that for users they see everything on the server just 'pause' in mid air or the like for the duration of the Non-Responsive threadlock while they keep moving and then when the server responds and updates were everything should really be everything will just suddenly snap back into their new position.


This basically means that any one commanding in CA can really 'screw' with a server's performance or any mission where for example you may have a scripted event to reroute units over distance will cause stutters every time that is calculated.


It's more evident too in built up areas where the pathing algorithms have to do a lot more calculation etc and You can reproduce it easily enough with out even needing to script as I said.. Just put units in and path them over distance and you'll encounter the stutter.


If I could make a suggestion/request.. move 'pathing' off to a thread that doesn't lock all of the backend while it calculates..


Edit: I should mention this is Caucasus that i'm noticing this.. I've not done tests to see if the same results happen on Normandy, Nevada or the Gulf.

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