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How to check whether an amount of aircraft arrive at a trigger zone?

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I'm making a mission where a Bf-109 pilot has to destroy 2 of 4 B-17s before they reach a trigger zone.

In other words, if 3 or 4 forts are present on reaching the trigger zone, the result is a flag and a message that the player lost.


I can set a condition that if the forts' group has health below 75% the player wins. But I'd like the remaining forts to continue on their way to the trigger zone (Bombing Target Zone) and the player can keep chasing them down if they like even though they've already won.


So I can see there's a condition for a group's health being BELOW a certain percentage but there isn't one if it's ABOVE a certain percentage.


It plays out as a pretty nice mission I'd like to post but I'd need to get this sorted first. Is there a workaround that doesn't involve scripting?

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Problem is now solved
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First set:


MISSION START > no condition > FLAG 1 = true

ONCE > GROUP HEALTH under 75% > FLAG 1 = false


then do:


ONCE > FLAG 1 is true AND PART OF GROUP IN ZONE > some fail message


The idea is that if flag 1 is true and bombers in zone, then you have more than 2 planes in that group.

And you can use a second zone (larger than target zone), if you want to show the message before bombers reach target zone.


As an alternative, you can use UNIT DEAD - this way you can know for sure when a bomber is down (for example you set a flag value to 4, and each time UNIT DEAD is true you decrease the value with 1).


Hope it helps

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dark_wood, thank you very much!


That's a perfect solution. Now I know how to check for "not". I set that flag to be true at the beginning and then when something happens, the flag gets set to "off". Perfect!


I'm sure I'll find a use for the flag value counting down too.


Thanks again, mate.

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