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LO model viewer runs at...1 fps ??

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some months before all was normal but now (and recent months) i've a problem with ED's LO Model Viewer: it now always run at just...1 fps ( 50fps normally before), make me really feel uncomfortable when viewing LO's 3D models. I now don't know what makes it like that b'coz i've nothing changed:


_ ATI 9550GE with ATI Catalyst 5.4 or 7.5 CCP driver

_ Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Bricopack Vista Inspirat 2.1 installed which changed the XP GUI into Windows Vista (everything runs normal before & now)


Any idea for this ??


Look! (turned FRAPS on)



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I also experience the same strange slowdowns in lomac's mission editor when viewing the model of either a highly detailed aircraft (F-18, F-16) or a plane that has a custom skin installed. The first mission gives me normal fps, but as soon as a skinned plane either crashes or is shot down the fps drops to 3 in game, where it was 65 beforehand.

I suspect this has something to do wit cdds skins and their conversion either to or from that format. Any known solutions?

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