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Unable to Eject in AJS-37 Viggen DCS 2.5.5:34864


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There is a post for this in the Heatblur section of the form; however, we have not received an official response or acknowledgement of this bug after more than a month. There have been multiple patches to the Viggen with the weekly updates, and for over a month this issue has not been acknowledged or addressed. For the last several versions of DCS, it is currently impossible to eject in the AJS-37 Viggen during flight. When pressing the eject command during flight, the canopy jettison animation plays. However, the pilot remains in the aircraft in complete control, and the canopy remains attached to the airframe. It is possible to eject from a stationary position on the ground when the canopy is opened manually. However, in all other instances, it does not work. I am using the current version of DCS 2.5.5:34864, but this problem has been persistent over the past several releases. I have attached a track file and a short video of the issue.


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