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Mission Documentation

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We can not find the mission documentation after installing the campaign :(


So we uploaded the howl thing to our DISCORD channel today.




and also to the ED Forum here




Don't be confused because at just one day there are so many different tasks, that we named the missions belonging to that particular day Mission 5/1 and 5/2. It will be totally clear when you fly the missions.



If you stuck for any reason in one of the missions we can provide help over DISCORD much faster then in the forum. But anyway please post any issue in the forum first as well, so others may participate in the solution.


If you are interested in the campaign and you would like to inform you about what the task ar feel free to download the documentation as well but be advised:


The Mission description contains the actual story and the situation at the particular day where the flight will conduct. Also included the march-order and the preflight paperwork, charts and so on.

But no plan survives the first shot.

The documentation says nothing about the unexpected. Only the inflight kneeboard contains the briefing as well as information about the unexpected if needed.

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Always happy landings ;)

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Documentation in German languaga



The complete mission description is now also available in the German language

You may find it under the following link




To keep the file sices small the quality is reduced. A high-quality version will be published with one of the next campaign updates. :book:

Always happy landings ;)

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