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Custom Cockpit


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Edit: Solved


Dear Heatblur team.


Im working in a project with my mate japo to create a ""custom cockpit" for the F14 .


We used these textures to create the cockpit ,as I said using the custom cockpit option and be able to use it in MP without breaking the Integrity check.



The lua we used is filled as stated in your material list.:bounce:



The cockpit appear in the menu as "able" for being selected but the textures wont show up , and instead the default ones popup.


Files folder:

\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\F14B_Cockpit\LF_Cockpit_JAPO



Could you please point me out in the right direction ? , cause we cant make it work at all since last patch( and in the previous one was partially working with some of the textures we were figuring out part of the code ).


Providing the current material list or code would be super usefull .

Thanks for your time .



Lua and code file:


-- DCS: F14B Clean Labels and reduced textures by Japo32


livery =


{"mirrors", 0, "mirrors", true};




{"HB_F14_CPT_F110_PANEL", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_F110_PANEL", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_03", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_03", false};

--{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_03_TRANSP", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_03", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_04", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_04", false};

--{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_04_TRANSP", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_04", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_05", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_05", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_06", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_FRONT_06", false};

--Nombre HB_F14_CPT_LIGHTS_PILOT diferente del material






{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_ANNUNC", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_ANNUNC", false};






{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_02", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_02", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_03", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_03", false};


{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_05", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_05", false};



{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_08", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_08", false};

{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_09", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_L_BREAKERS_09", false};


{"HB_F14_CPT_RIO_rMainPanel", 0, "HB_F14_CPT_RIO_rMainPanel", false};

{"HB_F14_RIO_rPanels", 0, "HB_F14_RIO_rPanels", false};












































--02 - Default

--05 - Default

--21 - Default

--Map #1356



--Material #15570

--Material #15503

--Material #15905

--Material #16027

--Material #16059

--Material #16081

--Material #16232

--Material #16258























































I could provide Full project files if desired



Edited by Gone1Crazy


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No reply? As Gone1Crazy said, the custom cockpits options was working in previous patch, but this new beta patch broke that option.

It would be nice if the devs could tell us what was changed to let us fix it. I suppose something that we need to add or change in the lua code.

Still since I created the custom textures with readable text I couldn't use it withtout the integrity check error.



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:/ Well, no flying the Tomcat online for me till I can use the cockpit textures mod :(

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Fixed the IC error. The bug is still there but if you follow the inside instructions in the zip file you will be able to see the clean cockpit labels and pass the Integrity Check error.






The bug is that it only shows the "default" cockpit. Anything labeled different as that as I did "clean labels" for example, even selecting it in the extra menus of the plane, shows the default dirty textures. The only way to overpass this is naming the folder as "default"

To pass the IC it has to be installed inside




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