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I think the training missions are good but need to be more detaiked.

For example.unguidrd bombing. Doesnt explain ccrp and just kinda says "have at it"

Ive simmed since 94. It wasnt that bad for me someone new thus could be ugly.

I suggest some of us perhaps make some a2a refuelling missikns with tips maybe text or voiceovers

Lantirn tutorial including bombing

Ccrp including dive toss

More air to air combat tutorials

Use of different weapons against targets

Finally combined arms

A. Lgb using. Aground lase

B. Beung a fac and calling in a10s

C. Etc

Im not proposing a monster project and a slow project not to eat lives. And i also volunteeer my support..im not great with triggers etc. But I can design missilns and do voice overs


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+1 There really ins't any good A2A combat training in any of the modules, they all assume you know the basics so they just teach you the process for the aircraft-specific systems involved. I ended up getting the book on fighter tactics and maneuvering which was super informative but more casual players trying out DCS for the first time aren't gonna go buy a $20 book to help figure it out.


I always thought it'd be rad to have a set of training courses done in the spirit of Topgun (the school not the movie). A whole set of missions that would teach you how to fight, preferably in the F14 but I suppose you could do it for any fighter module.


I guess really it’d be a training “campaign.”

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