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Helicopter Pilot Meeting Point


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The Helicopter Pilot Meeting Point is our official DISCORD channel.

We invite everyone interested in helicopters and simulation to join the channel.

To meet others and fly together online, or just to get informed about us "Low-Level Heaven", our current and upcoming projects for DCS ?

Meet other fellow pilots for just one flight. Become part of a helicopter Squad or together with your friends build a Group on HPMT for regular fling without a Squad framework.


Helicopter Pilot Meeting Point on DISCORD





Der Helicopter Pilot Meeting Point ist unser offizieller DISCORD Kanal.

Wir laden alle am Hubschrauber und Simulation interesierte ein dem Kanal beizutreten.

Mit anderen Treffen und zusammen online fliegen, oder sich einfach über uns "Low-Level Heaven", unsere aktuellen und kommenden Projekte für DCS zu informieren ?

Treffe andere Piloten für nur einen Flug. Werde Teil eines Helikopter-Squads oder bilde zusammen mit deinen Freunden eine Gruppe auf HPMT für regelmäßige Flüge ohne Squad-Rahmen.



Le point de rencontre des pilotes d'hélicoptères est notre canal DISCORD officiel.

Nous invitons toutes les personnes intéressées par les hélicoptères et la simulation à rejoindre la chaîne.

Rencontrez d'autres personnes et volez ensemble en ligne, ou apprenez simplement à connaître notre "Low-Level Heaven", nos projets actuels et à venir pour DCS ?

Rencontrez d'autres pilotes pour un seul vol. Faites partie d'une escouade d'hélicoptères ou formez un groupe avec vos amis sur HPMT pour des vols réguliers sans cadre d'escouade.



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Always happy landings ;)

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Mission failed? 🤔

In the middle of 2019 we have created a DISCORD channel to offer a platform to all those who are interested in helicopter simulation, not only in DCS.
This should be the meeting point for flying together and or conversations about helicopters.
Even if we are happy about everyone who follows the channel and we are grateful for it, this goal was unfortunately not achieved. :wallbash:

Nevertheless we are proud of our work. :smoke:
Because we have promoted and or inspired others, who have far more success with your channel, so that altogether much has developed for the community to the positive.
It is a pity that not more helicopter squadrons use the opportunity to present themselves here in the channel.

A thank you at this point to the Black Sharks, who are there from the beginning.


No, the channel will not be discontinued. 
As you can see from the new logo, we want to develop further and emphasize the function as the official DISCORD of "Low Level Heaven mission development".
In the coming weeks and months there will be some changes to the channel, as we hope further to the positive, and we will provide you there with more information about current and planned projects.

Even if there are not really many out there who are especially dedicated to helicopter flying, we will stay true to our philosophy and continue to focus exclusively on helicopters.

Last but not least we would like to point out our training for beginners outside or within our helicopter squadron BLACK ANGELS.
The squadron is open to all without any great obligations, only basic in terms of behavior in the group and offers extensive development opportunities.
Info and links in the LLH BLACK ANGEL category here in the channel.

Of course we hope that you will remain loyal to us, recommend the channel to others and invite others directly here.
Have a good landing  

Grizzly (LLH)

Helicopter Pilot Meeting Point on DISCORD



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Always happy landings ;)

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