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Realistic troop transport system without scripts but through radio.


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I wish that in future there would be a more realistic unit hierarchy system, not based to groups but to team/squad/platoon/company/brigade -kind military structure where you are commanding units (unit can be any of those above, depending the zoom level on map), not groups.


And this wish is that when flying transport helicopters, you could get assigned for transport calls from various units by themselves, be it then a another player in Combined Arms or AI, but you could receive a radio call from troops on ground, that tells you from where to pick-up.


The radio call would be closer to real life radio calls, like "requesting X for transport, 3 kilometers from Lemikave to North, GRID KN70, approach from South-West." and possible even the requested pickup ETA when to be there.

And if you accept that call, you select "Accept" and you would perform the call back of your ETA and then when you are calling back for the pick-up point.



The AI co-pilot could calculate you the speed, the heading so you are there at the time, or you command co-pilot to calculate it for wanted time like "10 minutes from now" etc, a multiple ways to just get Co-Pilot do you the navigation if you don't want to do it.


And then you would search the location on the map (if not Co-Pilot mark it on the kneeboard and input the navigation system for it), draw that 3km to north from it and you get general position where to fly.




Once you are approaching the area, you make a new radio call for pick-up point. This is when you would report your distance or time, and then the unit on ground would tell you that they pop a red/green/purple/blue smoke.


Now your task would be to seek for that smoke in the area to find the specific location, as it can be anywhere inside 500-1000 meters from that given general area.


Your task would be then just land the helicopter and get the troops embark for the transport without any scripts. It is just enough that the unit issues a radio call for a transport. So it can be a AI or it can be CA player with just clicking "radio for transport".


Then when you have landed, the unit commanding officer will tell you the location where to fly them. Again your Co-Pilot does the marking on the map, now this time far more accurate position as they know where they need to go.




Now you would just fly them there, land and wait them get out and then fly either back to base or pickup a another task by calling to the base, or listening radio calls while flying and then answering for some of them.



This would open in multiplayer easier and faster way to transport units, and fly transport helicopters for different tasks. As the calls would be made on a specific open channel and you would hear the different units making these requests and so on.


So while you are flying, you can listen the progress of the war that happens via that channel. And in various locations you would need to tune your radio to the channel that is used by troops on that area etc. The base could radio you to go somewhere, use specific channel etc.


And then you would have possibility to radio for CAP that you are on area, radio to ground units for assignment of targets or receive threats on area update etc.


The system as well requires a command center modifications that would maintain the list of the troops radio frequencies, callsigns and ID's etc. So you can radio to command network and request a list of the troops on the area etc. So you know how to tune radio.

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According to my limited observation and IMO, ED did a very good job on creating the most realistic simulation of aircrafts. However, it seems to me that ED strategically puts less attention on content creation and relevant supporting features. I also commented on this in this thread: (#3) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=247540 but seems it didn't get any attention or further discussion...


I guess unless ED change its strategy, otherwise for the time being, we might have to rely on 3rd party scripts.


I hope ED could reconsider its strategy on the content creation side at some point. But seeing the situation on other flight simulation games, I guess it's a tough call.

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