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Thank you very much. Air-to-ground radar is really cool!


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Maybe we will get an EA product with high degree of completion.

Deka always said, and focus on releasing an almost full product in EA... Like some other devs (Heatblur with Viggen or F14B, octopus G with i16 and ED with warbirds mostly).

I'm glad we can get our hand on a full module, or almost, at Day 1

Hype is real for me, i'm holding on F16 because of JF17 i want more, but guys... This is reaaally hard. "This summer" is so aproximative... ^^

Anyway, hope they keep their great job on the tracks. Getting this toy before F16 that allow us to master it a bit, and kick some F16 and F18 ass will be dope... Or simply fly beside F16 since Pakistani air force got both. (wich i guess is why JF17 is able to receive/transmit on L16 like i saw in some pakistani air force documentary)

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