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EU squadron recruiting new people! 18+


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52nd Independent Knights Squadron is recruiting new people till 3.9.2019.




A short word about our squadron:

We are EU squadron. We fly every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We have separate wings for

A2G and A2A. Once you join us, you will get a proper A2A and A2G training from people that are 10+ years in DCS and other flight sims. We are very friendly community focused on learning and upgrading skills all the time.

We have youtube channel, discord, website www.52knight.org (this is where you have to apply if you want to join us)

TeamSpeak and twitch where we often stream.


We are a semi-serious squadron. Sometimes we fly very serious and rarely we do a loosed up flights.


We are looking for people that fly mostly either AV8B, Hornet, A-10C or F-14. You have to be 18+ and have a wish to become an excellent virtual pilot. You have to be ready to learn new stuff.

If you are a lone-wolf, this isn't a place for you. If you want to learn how to fly within a team, a flight, with leader and wingmans, this is the right place to sign-up.

We have our own skinns, we make our videos, we stream etc :thumbup:


If you decided to join us, go to our website, make an account and after that, fill an application form



You will get a message with further instructions (when will your probation start, discord link, teamspeak password etc)


See you soon!

Spanker, over and out.

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