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Head position and HUD


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I am new to VR. Getting in for the last few days. I have an issue with the standard head position. When I spawn in the plane I am usually so deep in the seat that I can not see anything behind me. Mig29 is here really bad.


Solution would be to move the head position up. Ok, now I can spot things behind me. BUT basically half of HUD is not see able.


Do I miss here some special settings? I use the Rift S.


Thank you!

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Use these keys to fix your default view:


Move your camera inside the cockpit:

"Num/ - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Back

"Num5 - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Center

"Num2 - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Down

"Num* - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Forward

"Num4 - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Left

"Num6 - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Right

"Num8 - RCtrl - RShift" Cockpit Camera Move Up

"Num/" FOV- aka Zoom-in

"Num*" FOV+ aka Zoom-out

"NumEnter" Default FOV aka Zoom


Then once you have a good view setting:


"Num0 - RAlt" Save Cockpit Angle

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For me at least, the A10c cockpit, in VR, has always been slightly off, despite some claiming that it is a realistic representation.


When I originally bought the module, the default pilot position in VR was really far forward, almost on top of the stick and leaving loads of space behind the pilot's head to the headrest. This allowed the whole HUD to be seen, but did feel a little odd and made reaching for controls at the back of the side panels a little less than ergonomic.


Then ED moved the default position back in the seat, so that the pilot's head is closer to the headrest, which feels better, but creates the issue where you can't see the whole of the HUD. It is possible that this is realistic, but why would the aircraft's designers create such an ergonomically unfriendly environment.


I may be being overly optimistic, but I am hoping that this will be addressed as part of ED's overhaul of the A10c cockpit. I think their problem will be, if they do want to amend it, that it might not just be a case of shrinking the HUD graphics to fit on the HUD. as the HUD graphics need to line up with the outside world, for bracketing targets for example, there may be more fundamental changes required.


In the meantime, it might just be best to either lean in and out, as required and maybe make creative use of the recentre VR view function.

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I have 2 different computers with two different setups. I originally got this so my wife and I could fly together but now I use the first for VR and the second for the A-10C. This is because I consider the A-10C unusable in VR, due to the head positioning issue and not being able to see the entire HUD. In my opinion, the entire HUD is critical for navigation (especially at night and in bad weather) and for tactical engagement.


The VR system is used for maximum immersion in all of the other modules that I own.


I assume that ED will eventually fix the A-10 for VR but until then, this is my solution for max enjoyment of that module.




As a consequence, I have begun to build out a cockpit around the A-10 system with 8” LDC monitors and a custom UFC. This is not necessary for VR.



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