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Need help with configuring Virpil V1 Throttle for DSC F18


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Can anyone here who has discord/whatsapp be able to walk me through the config process of how to set up the V1 throttle for DCS?


I am stuck on trying to map Idle/Off detent to register as an actual button in the game as well as the Mode selector switch.


if you have WhatsApp/Discord please send me a message , id love to knock this out!

Thank you

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if you want with a V1 throttle to emulate a button press then create a very narrow axis to button mapping (eg 2% to 5%) and then in dcs bind this button press to the move out of idle button in dcs eg right shift + home



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I had this discussion on Reddit with you, but thought I'd repost my comments for the OP's benefit:


I use the same button for off as for idle, just with a modifier (the pinky button on the left throttle).


Idle is with no modifier. Off is with the modifier. You have to actively hold the button (could be any modifier you choose) for the engine to cut off.


If you pull back with no modifier, having the idle command sent out isn’t going to affect you.




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