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A10C Anachronistic features


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The DCS A10C is supposed to be Suite v3.0, the initial version but i discovered it has features that mixed mashed from what would be an A10C suite 5, avionics that would be from as late as 2009.




Our DCS A10C has SADL Datalink which didn't start being installed into A10's until until 10 Nov 2008 at the earliest and the AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning Set which didn't become installed until 1st of June 2009. There are also other features that would not be visible, like High speed modem, and upgraded mass memory unit, which i can't tell which are or are not present.

These are features of Suite 5.0 A10C's.



However visually most notably for a DCS A10C is missing AN/ARC 210 Digital satellite radio set, ( replaced where current AN/ARC 164 is) which wasn't installed until November 2008. Followed by an integrated version in 1st of May 2009, which allowed channel's to be viewed in one of the Multi function displays via newly added COMM page, reducing heads down time needed for managing communications via the dedicated radio set in the left panel.



So DCS A10C is supposed to be a early suite 3, has feature from up until 2009, but lacks other avionics, that are preceding MWS and SADL installations.



For DCS A10C to be authentic it aught to be remodeled to include AN/ARC 210 Radio set, including a COMM page. IF that is not an option to give it such features for whatever reason ( USAF contractual restrictions?) , a remodel that makes it accurate it by removing SADL and Missile warning system because these simply weren't present in a initial 2006 A10C suite 3.0, they came 2008 and 2009 which would be part of Suite 5.0




A10C Time compliance technical orders

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