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Russian > English translation assistance


Greetings Gentlemen (& Sim Pilots)


I was hoping one of our Soviet members might be able to shed some light on this excellent panel in the helicopter category of the virpil design competition. (Hopefully even the design author himself)


I have had some questions from (obviously English speaking) colleagues regarding this panel (& not mine! :cry:) as to the button mapping mostly for UH1 & some Mi8 (the ka50 & some mi8 seems fairly straight forward) they are very curious & obviously interested





An English Translation would be much appreciated, failing that just a copy of the Russian Cyrillic in text so that I can cut & paste it into google translate...


*Primarily they are curious about the UH1 mappings, but some of the Mi-8 mappings as well.

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сенсационные парни


большой интерес к этой панели, но некоторые хотели большей ясности, чем предположения


очень признателен




sensational guys


lots of interest in this panel, but some were wanting some more clarity than assumption


much appreciated

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Is there any information if the helicopter panel is designed the same way as in the competition?


The same way. Absolutely.

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