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[REPORTED]Radar missing range indicators

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Same here.

Probably an issue with the latest EDM cockpit model as I don't see any changes in texture files since 13/03/2019...


Btw range lines are missing on the exported screen as well....

Would it be possible to have the range lines rendered from the radar lua rather than in a tga/dds ?



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Same here, I was about to report this. Tried reparing / cleaning the install but the bug remains.


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At least it worked 6 months, i've the issue as well.

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Update Yet?


I thought it was just me. I am seeing the dots as indicated. Kind of threw this newbie for a while. I moved from the P51 over to this mod because I sucked at bombing and rockets on the P51. Not much better on this one but it doesn't take as long to get back up to altitude. Anyway, wish the radar scale worked as it should. Is this normal for ED to take this long for what appears to be a pretty simple fix?

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Hi all


This is reported, but I do not have an update yet on a fix,


thank you for your patience.


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Hi, I restarted playing DCS from a pause of approximately 7 months and I admit i'm quite disappointed seeing this little bug is still here after all this time, I enjoy very much the F-5 but these little problems kills the immersion wich is everything in a simulator.

Hope to see a fix in the next weeks beacause it's the time this bug deserves to be fixed.

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Throw in the RWR mod too. It’s pretty bad that the community has to fix this module. I do understand that ED has a lot on their plate, but major bugs should not be left hanging for several months... :(


I have paid good money for the F-5E module and it is frustrating not to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Maybe we could get as well the radar scope sweep update, so it would be more realistic. Or that is then reserved for the cockpit overhaul update....

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Solution of the problem


I have installed the radar myself in the Mods folder,

created my own profile from the existing Chinese model,

it loaded and it works.

For the beautiful flying model F-5e Tiger, only with grid on the radar, this model is complete and in my opinion it makes flying more fun.


It is done as follows:


Open the folder /DCS World/Mods/F-5E/Aircraft/F-5E/Liveries/Cockpit_F-5E

Here are two folders Chinese and Standard.


Add profile:( See attachment: create new Profile)

The default folder will be copied and saved under /Cockpit_F-5e.

default - rename copy e.g. to F-5E TIGER Radar


Create new profile e.g: (F-5E TIGER radar)


Copy the file F5E-CPT-RADAR-01.dds from the Chinese folder and copy it into the newly created folder.


This looks as follows: see appendix (contents new profile)


Edit Description.lua with Notpad ++ as follows, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.


This content must be inside:

See also appendix: Edit Profile


livery = {


{"F5E-MIRRORS", 0 , "mirrors", true};--mirrors texture replacement with runtime rendered one

{"RADAR-INS-DIG-CONS", 0, "f5e-cpt-radar-01", false};

{"RADAR-INS-DIG-CONS", 8, "f5e-cpt-radar-01", false};

{"TXT-RDR", 0, "f5e-cpt-radar-01", false};

{"TXT-RDR", 8, "f5e-cpt-radar-01", false};




and the new profile is now created.


Now the game DCS World is started.


Press the gear wheel (settings)

Select the Special tab at the top.

Select the F-5e aircraft from the left tab.

Now you will see a new page where Costomized Cockpit is located,

to select it and select the newly created profile (F-5e TIGER radar) and confirm with ok.


Now the new profile is loaded and the grid on the radar appears in the game.

I hope I could help you with this, have fun with it.


Best regards







I am a pilot, my home is the clouds and my friends are the eagles when they are not shitting on my cockpit.



Heb nicht ab vom Acker, ohne deinen Tacker :pilotfly:

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