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LOCERF 07-5 General Information and Briefings


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From here on out we will have one thread per mission, and it will be a sticky until after the mission has been completed. This thread will be titled "LOCERF (mission #) General Information and Briefings" and will include information from both myself and the moderators (3Sqn_Fudd, MrWolf-Loskins, S77th-Goya and JaBoG32 Laud). PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE GENERAL INFORMATION THREAD UNLESS YOU ARE A MODERATOR. This will ensure continued ease of access to all the information for LOCERF.


I will have a second thread here at http://www.the159th.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2400[url=http://www.the159th.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21][/url] where you can post your suggestions for the next LOCERF. It will be titled "LOCERF (mission #) Suggestions and Discussion." Please post your questions etc on that thread. The 159th forums found here: http://www.the159th.com/forum will be the offical spot for all planning etc.




The next misison will commence at 0500 zulu on 27 October 2007.


If you are interested in participating in the next RedFlag please PM me no later than 8 October 2007 at 1200 zulu.


You must include in your post:


Number of Slots Requested

The type of aircraft you request


(for example 159th requests 4 Su-25t's and 4 Su-33's)


If you do not PM me with this information then you will not be considered for the next mission.


All Lonewolf Pilots:


Please PM with the same information. You will be required to pass a checkride in order to participate in the mission.


The number of pilots that wil participate in this mission will depend on what server we use and how many people apply





I look forward to this next exercise!





The code is probaly in Russian anyway.
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The date for LOCERF 07-5 has been moved to November 3rd at 0500 zulu. This is to ensure that Red Flag and Black Sea Showdown do not have conflicting dates.


The deadline to submit requests is also been moved to October 15th and 1200 zulu.


You dont want to miss this next one, we are implementing the use of the ATC mod for ATC/FAC/GCI. Its going to be great!!!

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The code is probaly in Russian anyway.
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Change to teams!


Here is the latest change to teams for LOCERF 07-5




141st: 4x A-10

s77th: 2x A-10; 1x Su-25t; 1x F-15; 1x Su-27

(504): 4x Su-27

3sqn: 3x F-15; 2x Mig-29S; 2x Su-25t

59th: 2x Su-27

=369=: 2x Mig-29S

=TuAF=: 3x F-15; 2x Mig-29S; 1x Su-27

JaBoG32: 2x A-10; 2x Su-27




159th: 3x Su-25t; 4x Su-33

=SvK=: 3x Su-25t; 4x Su-27; 3x Mig-29S

=4c=: 2x Su-25t; 3x Su-27; 3x Mig-29S

Tim-k: 1x Su-25t

=RvE=: 2x F-15; 2x Su-27; 1x Mig-29

=DFA=: 3x Su-25t

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The code is probaly in Russian anyway.
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We had over 80 requests to fly in this Red Flag. This mission will be the largest community event yet. Unfotunatly due to server performance, and mission balancing requirements, not all of you got exactly what you requested. I along with the moderating staff apologize for this.


What you can do is alternate pilots within your squad. So for example one pilot would fly a sortie and then return to base. Once that pilot returns to base he then taxis to a parking area and shuts down. He then requests permission from a moderator to leave the game and swap pilots. Once permission is given then the other pilot joins and flies a sortie.

The code is probaly in Russian anyway.
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Briefings for LOCERF 07-05 are released in the 159th forums!


Have fun!


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TM HOTAS Warthog, SAITEK Rudder Pedals, TIR 5

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sorry for late request. If it is still possible I want to participate in LOCERF 07-5. For me RED or BLUE does not matter. I prefer F-15 or MIG-29S.

Thanks in advance.


You'll need to navigate to the Red Flag Official Forums - not sure about space though....

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