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Toggles and cycles.


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Weapon cycles. Sensor cycles. Other common cycles and toggles.



Seriously, not everyone has a Warthog, or a X-56 HOTAS. Not having one of these high end HOTAS setups is a real disadvantage in multiplayer.



1] Warthog = Best and fastest way to change sensors and weapons.



2] Cycle option = slower than Warthog, but a quality of life option for lower end sticks and HOTAS.



3] Current state = worst option, and very slow compared to 1 and 2.



Having a cycle/toggle option may not be strictly "realistic", but it would be very desirable. Being able to cycle/toggle does not give an advantage to a player, all it does is lessen the disadvantage of income disparity between the rich, and not so rich, with regard to ability to buy high end equipment. Not everything translates perfectly from real life, to a 2D simulation. It's the small concessions to user friendly options that can take a good aircraft, and make it a great aircraft.



I know this has been asked for in the past, and I know the devs have poo pooed it in the past as well, but that doesn't mean people have stopped desiring it.




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