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Which arguments for LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(n)

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Hey there,


I would like to export some data out of DCS for a project. Somewhere in a post I stubled across "LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(n)".


Now, I'd love to use this function to read data, but I only know what the function returns for very few arguments.



local NoseGearStrutCompression = LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(1)

local RightMainGearStrutCompressionr = LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(4)

local LeftMainGearStrutCompression = LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(6)


...can someone point me off in the right direction where I might find out what the returned data for more (all) possible arguments of that function is?


That would be a tremendous help!

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...Oh, and something similar:


I saw somewhere...


MainPanel = GetDevice(0)

local ias = MainPanel:get_argument_value(49)


...again, where would I find a list of what data this function returns for the posssible arguments?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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