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What else will we get in Black Shark ?


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Well at least maybe this "opens the door" to later clickable cockpits (not that that is a big deal to me personally) for the rest of the aircraft and MFD upgrades for the Mig/F-15C (F10 view is my workaround for that issue right now) .



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The door has been opened with the technology present in Black Shark. It's just that Black Shark focuses on Black Shark.


Edit: Looks like I was a little late in posting :D


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

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-New better FM no more scripted mechanical feeling of all aircrafts

-New enhanced cockpits with head movements with G's

-new weather system ( with heat and cold flow ) with actually working clouds corresponding to the numbers 1 to 10

-Online turbulences ON

-Possible to land or safely crash on fields with any planes and helicopters

-New damaged models

-New lands design and land textures

-New ground objects tank's trucks etc.. and troupes

-New weapons adjustment

-New generic power setup to make flyable AI's like the Mirage's, Mig29 K etc.. and possibility to add third party cockpits to go with the added planes and server ( host )side controlled lock.

-Better mision builder and 3 D view

-New Helicopters

-Real Dedicated server.



Well with this it would be perfect.. :)

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Well, ED maybe you'll make final list of coming updates for the BS that not connected just with BS..

I mean what you can tell us right now...

I know there is huge topics about BS, But it would be nice ED guys just make a list here of updates for the sim itself..

I mean what we already know and hopping for..


Black Shark, Avionics, Cockpit blabla... Its all good..

Now the thing I remember for not just BS:


New Dynamic Capain..

New airfields...


Now if you can help us providing full list (of what you can tell)

Like any more updates about game settings (like track recording and stuff..)

Some bug fixes ( like HSI stops working in BVR mode, No boom airrefuler visbable on multiplayer games etc...)


What im asking is things that will get fixed improved or any other new thing we dont know or not ramembering..


Thanks alot!

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Hey isn't that a MiG-29K (#312) cockpit?!!


I know there was a photograph of naval Fulcrum with 3 MFD in total but like GGTharos said BS is a helo addon and we don't have MiG-29K in LO since Flanker ages!


Romanian mig-29 Sniper.....look at the stick, almost the same as the MIG-21 Lancer (it is the same hehe)

DCS World, A10C, AV8B, M2k, FA18C, FC3, MIG21

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