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how can i use my 'Saitek Pro' joystick with my Lock-on modern combat?

Guest salal

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hello, i have bought the lock on modern combat some time ago, but i dont know how to use my joystick with it, and without it, i cant play the game rite. can anyone tell me how to use the joystick with this game?:helpsmilie:

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You need to know how to assign buttons and axis or how to actually control the aircraft?


I will assume that you know the principles of controlling an aircraft.


Usually the Joysticks are autodetected by Lock On and buttons and axis are preassigned. But if you want to modify them you need to go to Options menu from your game, make the switch turn in to "Input" zone by clicking it and the from the top left select via the drop down list the X52 controller. After your joystick is selected you can chose to modify buttons or axis via a smaller drop down list to the right of the first one.

The controls are grouped (for buttons) in 4 categories: Views, Flight, Combat and Other. Also, bellow the controller selection drop down list you have another one for selecting the flight mode... I suggest you to live it in "all" position for start.


Then just pick a command from the list by clicking it select "change" and press a button. For axis you will have to select it from a small dropdown list that appears to you once you press change.


Modify first the basics... or even just see were some controls are without modifying them.


Also... read the manual for further instructions.


Good Luck!


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