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Target formation

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IRL, if two (or more) air targets are within same range bin and general speed (relative), the radar will detect the two targets as one.


this has two primary effects.


1. The pilot wont know how many targets are actually there, unless they use a RAID mode (Very fine Doppler processing that narrows the antenna beamwidth on receive)


2. The two targets being in the same same range and Doppler bin sum their RCS, and are thus detected at much greater ranges than they would have been if they were alone.


Currently in the DCS F/A-18C, the radar bricks do not merge as they would IRL. Adding this logic in would bring relevance to the RAID modes that will later be implemented. Otherwise the RAID modes would just be a 'zoom in' feature, which will already exists with the TWS "EXP" (expand) button.

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