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Is there any flak guns in FC?


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Nope, all it has is AAA tracers but only if you come real close. There isnt any high altitude AAA with any explosive rouds (like they are IRL) in LOMAC. This has always been missing feature of this game. Theres lot of it in F4 just not here.


The only game that made you dodge long tracers was Total Air war. Havent found any AAA modeling like that ever since.


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it would be fun to dodge flak though :P i think the longest range gun is the Gepard or the gun on the tunguska isnt it?

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it gets really scary flying with those things around!


and that's just what the real pilots say about it. Not that deadly, but scary as hell.



Now what I would like to fine is a nice AAA simulator (I mean where you shoot tha gunz :))

Never forget that World War III was not Cold for most of us.

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yes, you can use the vulcan or the gepard....and the Shilka and the tunguksa.


But i remember that in BS there wil be AAA? I've seen some screens somewhere i though




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