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Can't update DCS steam version to 2.5.5

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Hello people!



I'm using steam version of DCS world( But steam won't update the game to new version. I googled it and find some information about this but all the videos i found is about the updating none steam version of the game and they said it won't work for steam version.I tried to verify game files to triggering auto-update but it didn't work.




Can anyone help me about this? Maybe patch is not in the steam yet because its in open beta state?

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My Pc is not updating either, I thought perhaps 2.5.5 was released to only iTunes to try out.


WHAT ???

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in your steam library right click dcs and select "properties", go to betas tab and from the drop down menu select "open beta-public version"


if this fails do: (caution: this will reset your categories to default)


go to steam settings/downloads

select "clean download cache"

steam will restart

go to dcs, right click, select "properties"

select "betas" tab

and lastly choose "open beta-public version" from the drop down menu.


You will then good to go.

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