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registry save key application issue/bug ?


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Hi ED,




First thanks for a great sim. Looking forward for Black Shark. I have small concern on the registry save key application on your website. I recall in the old days it did worked by experience. But seems, it’s no longer the case. My FC was working fine, no upgrade of any kind when I backed it up, timestamp not that old as well. Unfortunately I had to re install the OS, Xp, due to a bug, etc…


Re install Lock-on, download and install FC, merge the key in question, reboot, still does not recognized, it says I had modified my setup to much in short, witch it’s not the case, I give you my word on that. I bought FC on day 1, and looking forward to get BS on day 1 as well. My concern is that the application in question to save the key, no longer seems to work like it did in the old days, has the entry been modified on it's location in the registry? Would you be able to look into this issue since, now, I’m down to 3 activation left. The application seems obsolete at this time, unless someone can shed some light…


I still have some activation left. But I’m concern that I will be left in dark, if and when I have to re install again. As you know, windows OS are prone for virus and spy ware, so sometimes out of our control. We don’t have much of choice. Should the application saving key be revised?



Anyhow, thanks for listening and for a great sim.

Antec 900 gaming tower, PSU: Corsair 750W, Q6600, Asus P5K, 8Gig Mushkin, Nvidia eVGA 280 GTX Superclocked 1G DDR3, SSDNOW200 Kingston Drive, TrackIr 3000+Vector, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, Saitek rudder pedals pro, Sharp 42" inch LCD Aquo. OS: windows 7 64bit.

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