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Has there been discussion around adding different helmet options? The current one is spot on for late 80s/90s Aggressor use, but something more like an APH-6 or perhaps an HGU-33 would be a closer fit for the general timeframe of the A-4E.


APH-6 Single Visor:



APH-6 Dual Visor, aka the Ram's Horn:



HGU-33, as seen in the Heatblur Tomcat and in Top Gun. Primary Navy fixed-wing helmet 70s to late 80s & early 90s:

This one possibly from a USMC A-4 Agressor squadron





The HGU-55 or rather converted HGU-33 style presently in the mod came about in the very late 1980s and into the 90s to present.




One option may be, like the F/A-18, use an animation argument to add on the visor housing model, then control it through the livery file. Alternately set the whole helmet up in animation argument and swap out the pilot helmet or whole head maybe.

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